Human Capital Management

The Talent for Finding Great Talent

Savvy business owners and leaders realize that the most critical element of their success is their people. The question becomes how to attract (and retain) the best employees to your organization. So why do many organizations struggle to get it right? Consider two companies in the same industry with similar work environments, offering comparable pay and benefits -- why is one consistently able to attract and retain top-notch employees?

The difference maker is a reliable and comprehensive recruitment and hiring process and over the years I have found several components consistently present within successful companies;

Clearly define the target employee profile. Outline the behaviors, skills and attributes essential for the job. This clarity increases the likelihood of attracting high-quality applicants and the odds of hiring employees with staying power.

Conduct an analysis of your current management and executive staff. Behavioral assessment tools such as DISC or Strength Finders can quickly and easily be completed online and can provide valuable insight into candidates whose personality or communication styles may best fit your current environment.

Write clear job descriptions. Sounds obvious but often employers fail to clearly articulate the chief responsibilities, requirements and expectations of each role within your company.

Fish where the fish are. Use services like JetPay's applicant tracking and onboarding to get listed on top boards and social media sites with one click. Utilize the pre-screening tools to attract the right candidate and then keep casting the line.

Find a background screening service. Find out what you don't know and don't expose your company to unnecessary risks. Companies like JetPay offer cost-effective, web-based criminal background checks. A fundamental, comprehensive, background check should cost less than $50 and is a small price to pay to protect your business.

Check all references. It sounds simple, but many businesses skip this step - don't. Create a comprehensive reference check questionnaire and contact all listed references.

Human resources administration need not be difficult or costly, but you have to be proactive and it is up to you to implement best practices into your organization the results will speak for themselves.

From posting jobs to vetting shortlisted candidates, JetPay is focused on making the complex simple. JetPay serves as a human resources partner for thousands of clients large and small and can help supercharge the selection process.
Posted by Michael Pires on Jan 11, 2018 2:05:00 PM