Human Capital Management

HR Policies Save You Time, Money and Heartache

After an exhaustive search, you hire a seemingly perfect candidate only to find a proverbial skeleton hiding in the closet. At best, that means heading back to square one. At worst, something happens to undermine your organizationís reputation - Itís a human resources nightmare. These types of HR blunders make headlines every day.

JetPay has helped thousands of clients The following best practices can help you mitigate potential risk and improve employee morale and productivity.

Be Consistent. You may have good reasons for not selecting a particular candidate, but to help ensure you are complying with all regulations and avoid common pitfalls, use standardized interview questions and document clear business reasons for non-selection.

Trust but Verify. If you are not already doing so, employee a screening service to conduct background checks on all prospective hires. Pre-employment checks reduce turnover by as much as 50% and employers who conduct these checks have far less liability and risk than those that do not.

Onboard with purpose. Studies show thorough onboarding is associated with higher productivity and better retention rates. Developing an effective new hire onboarding process will set new hires up for success.

Document and Retain. Review recordkeeping practices for compliance with state and federal requirements. Proper documentation offers protections from legal liability and serves as a basis for employment-related decisions, including promotions, raises, disciplinary action or terminations. It is especially beneficial when unfounded claims of discrimination, harassment, theft or wrongful termination arise.

Proactive Performance Management. Successful employees need feedback. Hold regular 1:1's with staff and share feedback early and often. In addition, formal Performance appraisals have been proven to help organizations of all sizes improve employee productivity, minimize staff turnover and help employees succeed long-term with the company.

Review and Maintain Employment Policies. Employment laws are constantly changing, so policies should be reviewed frequently to ensure compliance with everchanging employment regulations. Regular review is the best defense against outdated procedures and potential lawsuits. Regardless of size, every business is required to have written employment policies so dust off that old employee handbook and ensure you have a great tool that protects your business.
Posted by Michael Pires on Feb 7, 2018 9:50:00 AM